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This is the Ultimate Path To Freedom: Well researched, well planned and effective action on Survival Preparedness. By choosing this lifestyle, you choose Freedom and Independence. Because this lifestyle is defined by plans and actions that move you and your family toward being self reliant, and being more healthy, and not dependent upon Grocery Stores, and the Corporate Mass Production of Foods, (who are directed and governed by the same folks who created the Affordable Care Act) which are then sold to we consumers through the familiar outlets located throughout our cities, suburbs, towns and neighborhoods. Many of these mainstream foods are not healthy, and are made with harmful ingredients, which even though they’re listed on food packaging, most of us would not know what the they are, unless we have a college degree in chemistry. And more than likely many of these foods contain ingredients we would not serving to our families nor putting them into our bodies if we knew what they are and what harm they may do, some examples being trans fats, hydrogenated oils, gluten, and GMO foods.

Those who choose to learn to live free, also prepare for the worst while having faith that the best will be our outcome, will be in a win-win situation. It’s far better to enable yourself and your loved ones to be well prepared in case of disasters, and survive and stay healthy and safe.

Ultimate Survival Homestead


An important option to consider is where you want yourself and your family to live, in the event of a disaster or collapse, whether to ‘Bug In’ and stay in place, or ‘Bug Out’ to a remote location. All the Pros and Cons of either locations need to be carefully considered, such as security, climate, resources, and people living near you, etc. For either option it is wise to get to know the people who live in your selected neighborhood or area. Many Survival Preparedness experts suggest getting out and talking with neighbors, and forming groups with those who are like minded and who are already well prepared, and also with the folks who would like to get into Survival Prepping. This will allow for lots of opportunities to exchange information, tips, suggestions and even supplies, and which results in a more secure neighborhood or area as there is safety in numbers should the worst case occur.


There are several things that can be done to make sure there is always enough safe drinking water available at all times. One simple solution is to fill as many clean glass and/or plastic containers with tap water and maintain your homestead drinking water storage supply, replenishing it as often as possible. We can go weeks without food, but only a few days without water. If no fresh water is available, there are ways to purify water such as the water bath canning process. There are also a few ways to capture and harvest Rain Water, which we will go into in greater detail regarding concepts, and tips, and different options for hardware that can be used, starting with the cheapest methods, and exploring more elaborate and expensive options also.


Very important in Preparing our Homestead for Survival, is reliable and readily available sources of alternative energy. These sources will need to be available to use full time, or for use if the Power that’s supplied by local municipalities is interrupted. The predominate alternative or supplemental source is Off Grid Residential Solar Power if you still live in the Suburbs, or go with Off Grid Homestead Solar Power at your remote location. If wind may be a viable energy source, then an Off Grid Wind Power System would be a reasonable option for consideration. Many people that are into Survival Preparation, use an Off the Grid Generator Backup Power System, which is an effective additional energy source and will provide electricity and which requires gasoline or diesel to run on. Some people set up a system that also incorporates Batteries, which can be recharged by the Solar Panels, Wind Power, and the Generator only when needed. The video below is an amazing story of a family in urban Southern California who grow most of their food and use mostly alternative energy sources, and innovative irrigation methods. This family recently paid only $12.00 for a year of electricity at their urban homestead because of their ingenuity and wise use of alternative green power sources.


The possibilities here are amazing as is shown on the above video, which a family in urban Pasadena, California shows us how to grow organic foods in your backyard, and home. With much research along the way, and lots of work, their family transformed approximately 4,000 square feetĀ  (1/10th of an acre), located on their 1/5th acre home property, demonstrating a beautiful model of sustenance gardening to feed your family year round, and while selling portions of their harvest to people and restaurants in their community. Their Homestead endeavor and their fresh organic foods have grown so popular in their area and surrounding communities, that they also host many food and music events onsite. How to grow organic foods in your backyard becomes a process of matching the best methods with the type of space you have available.There are many methods that can be used, whether it be growing directly in the ground, or above ground in buckets and other containers. Container gardening methods are utilized by some to even grow their food inside their apartments. In addition to harvesting rain water as discussed above, there are ancient yet innovative ways to conserve precious water when irrigating your organic garden, such as Clay Pot Irrigation, which we will talk more about soon and share tips and products with you.


Beekeeping compliments the Homestead Survival Garden, and can not only benefit your plants and harvest infinitely, but you and your family can also harvest Organic Honey. Honey when stored properly will last indefinitely and is the healthiest and most natural form of sugar that we can use, in cooking, baking, or just as is. We will get into this subject in greater detail soon, featuring great tips and products for you to check out.


Raising Pigs, Chickens and Goats may be a very worthwhile option also. If you have several Chickens on your Homestead, depending on what type of chicken, they will generally lay 5-7 eggs per week for a couple years, so if you have 10 producing chickens, there will be quite a few fresh eggs every day, and a couple thousand per year. Raising Pigs is also very worthwhile when raising for your homestead and to ultimately feed your family. It can take only 4-6 months to grow a pig to about 150 lbs, which is a lot of meat for your family. Goats are a good option if you would like to use their milk and also great for making cheese. Goats milk is said to be one of the healthiest for human consumption. Both Pigs and Goats can be fed food scraps from what is not consumed by you and your family.They love keeping your yard clean of weeds, just keep them away from the people food – garden. More on these subjects to be shared with you soon. Please come back or subscribe in the upper right corner, and see what is new, soon.


We will be getting into this subject in greater detail very soon and will share some of the latest tips and products with you regarding Flashlights, Knives, Tools, and Self Defense. Thank you for visiting, and please bookmark us, and check back soon!